The LGBTQ+ community has a voice!

We all have a hard time this year, so I do not want this article to be perceived as a reproach, yet I feel the need to talk about it. We deal with a lot of unfamiliar feelings in the hectic world we live nowadays, the coronavirus context being something hard to assimilate for everyone. Staying healthy is the most significant task on the list, and we tend to be overwhelmed by that. 

However, a lot of people lost their voice because of the background noise. Raising awareness regarding though-talking subjects seems more challenging than ever. I had a great time being on the streets with the LGBTQ+ community. They fight for their rights, despite the wall in front of them. They find ways to cross the borders and offer a colourful hug to anyone out there who needs one. Even if the masks hide their faces, you can see their souls smiling. I hope my photographies respond respectably to the responsibility of transmitting their vivid spirits. 

I am not the one who asks you to listen to their messages. I am only a channel for their thoughts. Hopefully, after watching the series above, the connection will pass the screen, and you will give a voice to their needs. You have the power to vocalise their appearance and to emphasise. Do not forget that even the smallest gesture can take the pressure off. Take care and stay healthy while listening around!

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